Everything You Need To Know About The Moto X

When there were rumors that Google and Motorola were working on the project, a lot of curious followers were excited of the outcome. Out from this correspondence came Moto X. Basically you can talk through Moto X, you can text your friends through it and you can play apps through Moto X. What then sets it apart from other smartphones? Here’s a look at some of Moto X’s cool features.

You can control the phone through speech

By using its Touchless Control feature, you can actually use the Moto X by speaking to the phone. You just need to give a command that starts with, “OK Google Now” and then follow it with your command.

Everything you need to know about the Motorola Moto X

Everything you need to know about the Motorola Moto X

For example you can command Moto X to search the internet about a particular keyword, call a friend and make a reminder. What’s amazing about this feature is that you can still give the command even if you are 12 feet away from your phone. You won’t worry about the phone being activated by other users. This cool feature is set to work only to the owner’s voice unless of course you have the same voice with the owner.

The Moto X rests

One of the common reasons why batteries won’t last long is because phones don’t activate their battery-saving feature. There are people who use their smartphones constantly by looking at the reminders, posting a status in social media or sending a text message to a friend. These activities are battery-consuming. With Moto X’s cool feature called Active Display, it will show the current time by fading in and out. If you get text messages or an email, you can actually read the messages by pulling it up and down. This feature is called Active Notification. While the screen displays the notification, the rest of the phone is dead, making it efficient on battery life.

Moto X and our television

Google came up with a streaming device that allows you to stream Google Play, YouTube and NetFlix directly from your smartphone to your normal TV. This is made possible through the HDMI dongle. When Moto X came, it’s no surprise that it can do the same. It has a Wireless Display feature that allows you to display whatever is in your phone and project it in your TV screen. However, you have to use a different connection standard to make this work. Wireless Display works in Miracast that some TVs already have. If you don’t have it yet, you can always buy a dongle to make your TV work.

All you need to know about Google’s Moto X smartphone

All you need to know about Google’s Moto X smartphone

You get 50GB free

Since this is a Google product, you will receive an amazing 50GB free from Google Drive. You can now store files directly in this storage cloud and you can access through your different devices such as your tablet, smartphone and your laptop. HTC gave out a similar privilege and partnered with DropBox. When you buy an HTC phone, you also get 50GB free storage from DropBox.

3 Most Common Relationship Arguments – And How To Prevent Them

Arguments are just a part and parcel of any relationship. A dynamic relationship consists of occasional arguments, particularly since it consists of two unique personalities. More often than not, our distinctive personalities would often collide and these would result to arguments or quarrels.

However, many arguments can also be avoided. Herein we list 3 common petty misunderstandings and how we can avoid them:

Of Time and Priorities

Most couple fight over priorities and how we divide time over them. For example, a girlfriend would argue over her boyfriend that his time is spent so much with his friends or vice-versa. Another common argument is on work priorities getting on the way of the relationship, one party spends so much time on his job that he has little time to nurture a relationship; many times it has been the cause of many break-ups. One way to avoid this is to discuss with your partner each priority and how it could sync with the relationship. My friends Harold and her girlfriend Jessica are busy corporate lawyers finding that their work is starting to compromise their relationship they discussed and planned that a part of the week will be allocated as a couple’s day or designating a couple’s night out once a week.

The 8 most common reasons for divorce

The 8 most common reasons for divorce

Yes, the Jealousies

It cannot be avoided since it is part of human nature to be jealous. However a few jealous tiffs can be sourced of common misunderstanding. One way to avoid it is to discuss your partner’s cause of concern and try of ways to assure him or her that the relationship is secure. You must also be secure in yourself and not always ask assurances from your partner. In many cases jealous arguments are caused by insecure partners. You can start by building up your self-confidence.

Sex, And All Its Trappings

Often the source of arguments is when our partner wants sex more than what we can give or want. Or, that one wants to try something new and the other isn’t ready, isn’t open to the idea, or is thinking that his/ her partner is not “giving” enough to the relationship. If this is the source of the constant misunderstanding it can be solved by talking to your partner about the problem.

How to Stop Arguing and Actually Solve Your Relationship Problems

How to Stop Arguing and Actually Solve Your Relationship Problems

In most of these issues, the solution comes from communication, always remember that the success of any relationship is not just by keeping our innermost feelings bottled up inside. An open honest communication between the couple is an integral part of any great relationship. Make time for a personal heart-to-heart talk with your partner in young relationships this may not be a problem but in older relationship, these dynamics is often taken for granted. You might be surprised how a quiet, loving talk can actually boost your intimacy for the better. And say no to future arguments!

The Surprising Benefits Of Power Napping

People today are living in a very fast-paced environment that they just have to accept the high level of stress they encounter every single day at their work place. No one can deny that in order to stay active and gain the energy needed to fulfil all the obligations at work; coffee, energy drinks, and other stimulants have been a great help to sustain human alertness. However, consuming caffeinated drinks is not very healthful to the body system. So, how can people face their daily tasks without the intake of their daily dose of their most-loved Starbucks?

The power of napping

For some people, napping is considered a bad habit. There is a famous saying that goes “if you snooze, you’ll lose!” Many think that if you see a man taking an afternoon nap you automatically think of a lazy person in his couch. However, today’s researches have shown the great health significance brought by taking a power nap at least once every day. Let’s delve into the top health benefits of power napping.

Weird benefit of power naps

Weird benefit of power naps

Naps boost your alertness

An investigation done by NASA has proven that aircraft pilots that took a 40-minute nap while there co-pilot has the control of the flight are noticeably more alert than those who were up the whole day. Therefore, the power nap increases human alertness by 100%.

Naps improve your senses and increase your productivity

Taking a good afternoon nap can help sharpen the human senses just like after getting up from a full night’s sleep. You will notice that the colors of your surroundings are more clear and vibrant. You will notice as well that your smell and taste are more intense and sharp. Everything that you see and feel is a lot better right after a few minutes of a mid-day nap.

The Weird Benefit Of Power Naps

The Weird Benefit Of Power Naps

Naps enhance your memory and creativity

The power nap can help de-clog all the thoughts in the human brain. Sometimes, due to the pressure brought by too much work load and strict deadlines to beat, a person can suffer from headache and anxiety stress. Taking a 20 to 40-minute nap can free up a lot of space in your mind and can help you feel the sense of things around you. It will help you remember the things you need to do and will therefore make your work a lot easier.

Naps can help alleviate stress and enhance overall health

It is a fact that when a human body is deprived of sleep, the brain releases Cortisol which is also called “the stress hormone”. This bodily hormone acts as an agent that fights the reflex of the human body. However, an excess production of this hormone can result in several health conditions such as weakened the immune system, decreased the production of the growth hormone “testosterone” among men, and impaired thinking and memory capacities.

Taking a look at all the benefits of napping, you will then consider that it plays a vital role in your work performance and overall health and longevity. Medical studies have shown how a mid-day nap can lower blood pressure and improve the cardiovascular activity and how it also helps avoid obesity. Taking a short nap cannot be considered as an aerobic exercise but it is already proven good for both mind and heart. Napping is not equal to being non-productive, it is exactly the opposite. Napping is a simple pleasure that makes every person more productive.

5 Easy Ways To Pay Off Your Student Loans Faster

Student loans can be a headache. Are you one of those people who badly want to get rid of their loans? If you are, read on. There are millions of students who want nothing else but to pay off their loans. Some are having a hard time, others are doing well, and some are hardly finding the money to pay their loans. Paying your student loans faster is possible. Here are 5 ways to do it:

  1. Look for ways to reduce interest rates

There’s a way for you to get a discount and all you need to do is ask the lender. They usually give it to you if you have a direct deposit. The amount may appear very small, but it’s actually a big one when you sum it up. You can save hundreds of bucks when you get the discount. Also, ask your lender if there’s any other way the interest rate can be reduced. They may give you a better interest if you have a good credit score and you’re on time with your payments.

How to Start Paying Off Your Student Loans

How to Start Paying Off Your Student Loans

  1. Pay more and pay frequently

This is quite obvious. It’s the easiest way to pay off your loan. Make it a point to pay more every month. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. You still have to take note of your income. Also, make sure that you pay every month. It would be useless to pay this month but miss your next payment.

  1. Earn more and use that money for your loan

Taking side jobs is the easiest way to make extra money. There are a lot of side jobs out there. Make use of your skills to earn money. You can find freelance work that suits your skills. It’s a great way to make use of your time.

ways to pay off your student loans

ways to pay off your student loans

  1. Budget your money properly so you can save more

It’s essential for anyone with a loan to master the art of budgeting. It’s how you can get rid of your loan faster than expected. If you don’t have a budget, you won’t know where your money is going. The sad part is you might be overspending on useless thing, which will only make it hard for you to pay your student loan.

  1. Take advantage of the federal loan repayment estimator

Make use of the federal loan payment estimator and look for a way to pay off the loan as soon as possible. If you’re expecting your income to rise, you can go with a graduate repayment plan. The standard 10-year plan will allow you to pay less. Then again, before you decide, make sure that you have the capacity to pay it.

It’s never easy to deal with loans. You have to be determined and make a budget if you want your student loan to be paid off right away. Always have a plan. Remember that you’re not the only one dealing with student loans. If others can do it, then there’s no reason you can’t. It’s a matter of determination. 

Choose The Best For Your Business – Mac Vs PC

A business needs programs or tools to make it easier for everyone. Technology has offered us with the solution or means to make out work more convenient without having to do things the old or traditional way. It paves the way for business to thrive. However, there is always the non ending conflict of which program or tool is better than the other for your business.

In this case, let us examined which between a Mac and a PC is best suited to help run your business. Both are technological innovations that have proven to be very effective in making work a lot easier. Still, a company only needs one and not both. Therefore, weigh first what you need to know before choosing which of the two you want for your business.

Mac mini vs iMac comparison review

Mac mini vs iMac comparison review

Difference between Mac and PC

Before going through their main differences, lets first check on their similarities. Both systems have extremely powerful processors which means in this case, they run on Intel Core Duo processor which has a high level capacity. This means that all PC applications can run on Mac because it can as it should on the type of processor.

The Difference

For Mac, the Apply Company creates applications for both software and hardware on all its products. Most or in fact all of its products are running efficiently on their patent OS X operating system. Unlike other brands, Apple will determine to every retailer the specs and the costs of their goods.

For PC, Windows allows retailers to put up a competitive pricing on their products all from hardware to software components depending on the deal struck with the company.

How to buy a desktop PC for your business

How to buy a desktop PC for your business


Need to Know Facts about Both Mac and PC

Buying a Mac is more expensive compared to a PC. Apple uses more expensive parts and components to make their products. Hence, it’s the reason for the higher price. However, you get the best worth for your money because it’s ready to go with no more hang ups.

PCs are more prone to encountering viruses than Mac because hackers are creating viruses to which they will access undisclosed information relevant to their cause. They destabilize the operating system which will cause a lot of damage to the unit. In this case, it requires more maintenance and costs a great deal of money.

Deciding on which of the Two is Suitable

It all depends on how your employees will handle their work and not the tools they prefer to use. You don’t a Mac if you can handle your tasks simply using a PC. However, if there is a definite need for such equipment, then it has to be respected for the right reasons.

Whichever you choose, make sure that it is for the right cause and not just merely for being fancy and use it for other purposes aside from your work. Both will help you a lot for the success of your business.